Stop feeling helpless in the face of your legacy Rails code.

Let us upgrade, secure and maintain your applications

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Rails Upgrades

We have extensive experience bringing Rails applications up to date from as far back as the 2.3.x series.

If you're not on at least the most recent version of Rails 4.2, you are not receiving security patches from the core team.

Testing Assessments

Keep finding bugs in production? Let us help you deploy with more confidence.

A tested system, saves money on QA and stop deployment panics. We can guide you from zero testing to a framework specific for your application.

Can't trust your test suite? We can reduce flip-flopping tests and help you focus your testing effort

Are your test builds glacial? Let us help you plan a testing strategy so you can run test on your laptop again.

Front End

Most Rails teams don't have a focus on performance of the front-end. We can help slim your CSS and JavaScript to make your site snappy.

A fast site is a site that makes money. You have to optimise the front-end as well as the backend.

Avoid the pain of adding yet another JavaScript framework to your application.

Performance Analysis

Not sure why your site isn't performing as well as it used to? A fast site is a site that makes money.

We can work with your team to provide code review, code style and even help change the communication style of your developers.