Ruby on Rails Maintenance

You've launched your app 🚀

Your tech team are working on something else.

Let us look after your Rails projects and keep them running smoothly.

What we do

We specialise in taking care of Ruby on Rails projects.

Update Your Gems

We will keep your application running on recent versions of gems, allowing you to take advantage of all the latest improvements and updates.

Secure Your Site

We can make sure old, insecure code is replaced with current and secure code, helping with compliance and giving you peace of mind.

Monitor Your Server

We can set up accurate and timely reporting on how your application is performing and alert you to issues as they happen.

Improve Your Test Suite

We can make pragmatic improvements to your test suite to make sure your site is well tested and that your tests run fast.

Modernise Your Deployments

We can help set up CI along with automated tests. Speeding up the time it takes for changes to get in front of your users.

Review Your Code

Acting as a second opinion, we can advise on improvements that can be made to the code to help keep it secure, performant, and a joy to work on.

Make Your Code Performant

We can save you money on your hosting and your user's money on their bandwidth by ensuring your app is performing at its best, by cutting bloat and using modern performance techniques.

Write Your Documentation

We can help to document the project in its current form, helping inform future tech decisions and speed up onboarding of new developers onto the project.

Elaine is one of the best developers I have had the pleasure to work with. Her fantastic problem solving skills along with her strong empathy for the user ensures the best solution has been made for the problem at hand.

Joel Carr, Developer, Barnardo's

Who we are

We are Tosbourn Ltd, a team of Ruby on Rails developers based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

We've worked with companies ranging from 2-people start-ups to multi-national enterprise-size organisations. We have completed work across all sectors of our industry, including working for one of the UK's largest children's charities.

Toby has been a vital resource for us as we have updated our website. From suggestions about integrating our website with our database system to QR codes in Asia and even spotting typos — his astute eye for detail has been very much appreciated. Toby goes above and beyond. He responds quickly, always with a positive and helpful attitude and works hard to keep projects on schedule.

Mackie Healy, Head of Marketing & Communications, Lisson Gallery

Get in touch

Interested in learning more about how we could help maintain or modernise your Ruby on Rails application?

Send us an email with the following information:

  • Some details about your company
  • Some information about the application you need support for
  • If you have any budget or time limits we should be aware of